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Sorbitan fatty acid ester (SPAN) is a non-ionic surfactant with fatty acid group as hydrophobic part and sorbitol as hydrophilic part.


Industrial and food grade products comply with national standards, pharmaceutical grade compliance USP24.


The plate is white or yellowish wax, flake, powder (≥100 mesh). Soluble in hot ethanol, ether, methanol and carbon tetrachloride, slightly soluble in ether, petroleum ether, can be dispersed in hot water, with strong emulsification, dispersion, lubrication, can be mixed with all kinds of surfactants. The emulsifier plate is mainly used as antistatic agent and soft oiling agent for acrylic fiber. It is used as emulsifier and stabilizer in food, medicine, pesticide, cosmetics, coating and plastic industry.

SpecificationAppearance(25℃)Hydroxyl value(mgKOH/g)Saponification value(mgKOH/g)Acid value(mgKOH/g)moisture(%)HLBmelting point(℃)
S-20amber viscous liquid330~360160~175≤8≤1.58.6liquid(25℃)
S-40yellowish waxy solid255~290140~150≤8≤1.56.745~47
S-60yellowish waxy solid240~270135~155≤8≤1.54.752~54
S-80Amber viscous oil190~220140~160≤10≤1.54.3liquid(25℃)
S-85yellow oily liquid60~80165~185≤15≤1.51.8liquid(25℃)
SpecificationPerformance and Specifications
S-201. Soluble in oil and organic solvent, disperse in water as a semi-emulsion liquid.

2. It can be used as W/O emulsifier, stabilizer, plasticizer, lubricant and desiccant in the production of medicine and cosmetics; as softener, antistatic agent and finishing agent in textile industry; also used as mechanical lubricant; As an additive anti-fogging agent, it has good initial and low-temperature anti-fogging properties, and is suitable for PVC (1-1.5%), polyolefin film (0.5-0.7%), and EVA film.

S-401. Soluble in oil and organic solvent, disperse in hot water.

2. It is used as emulsifier and dispersant in food and cosmetics industry; as emulsion stabilizer in emulsion polymerization; as dispersant in printing ink; also as textile waterproof coating additive, oil emulsification and dispersant; Fog drops, PVC agricultural film 1-1.7%, EVA 0.5-0.7%.

S-601. This product is insoluble in water and is dispersed in hot water. It is a good w/o emulsifier with strong emulsifying, dispersing and lubricating properties, and is also a good stabilizer and defoaming agent.

2. It is used as an emulsifier in the food industry, used in the production of beverages, toffee, ice cream, bread, cakes, malted milk, margarine, chocolate, etc.; in the textile industry as an antistatic agent for acrylic fibers, soft Component of oil agent; used as emulsifier and stabilizer in food, pesticide, medicine, cosmetics, paint, plastic industry; used as anti-fog and dripping agent for PVC, EVA, PE and other films, the dosage in PVC is 1.5~ 1.8%, the dosage in EVA is 0.7-1%.

S-801. Insoluble in water, soluble in hot oil and organic solvents, it is a high-grade lipophilic emulsifier.

2. Used as emulsifier in oil drilling aggravating mud; used as emulsifier in food and cosmetic production; used as dispersant in paint and coating industry; used as stabilizer in titanium dioxide production; used as pesticide, wetting agent, Emulsifier; used as co-solvent in petroleum products; also used as anti-rust agent for anti-rust oil. Lubricant and softener for textiles and leather.

3. As a film anti-fogging agent, it has good initial and low-temperature anti-fogging properties. The dosage in PVC is 1~1.5%, and the dosage in polyolefin is 0.5~0.7%.

S-851. Slightly soluble in isopropanol, tetrachloroethylene, cottonseed oil, etc.

2. Mainly used in medicine, cosmetics, textile, paint and petroleum industries, etc., as emulsifier, thickener, rust inhibitor, etc.

Prospects for development

More than 30,000 tons of food emulsifiers have been approved for use in China, and the world's consumption of food emulsifiers has exceeded 400,000 tons. The varieties and dosage of food emulsifier products in China are far less than those in foreign countries. Developing new varieties of emulsifiers with various functions and enriching the intrinsic functions of Chinese food emulsifiers should become the idea of the industry in developing new products.

Founded in 2010, JINAN BOSS CHEM CO.,LTD. is a large-scale hi-tech enterprise focused on the research and development of fine chemicals and international trade.We have exported more than 100countries like USA, Mexico, Canada, Spain, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, India etc. We have the state of art equipment and R&D teams and we establish complete inspection system and QA system, thus we enjoy solid guarantees to offer customer quality products.

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Founded in 2010, JINAN BOSS CHEM CO.,LTD. is a large-scale hi-tech enterprise focused on the research and development of fine chemicals and international trade.




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