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Cuprous oxide CAS 1317-39-1

Brown copp;Brown Copper Oxide;browncopperoxide;Caocobre;caswellno.266;cobresandoz;Copox;oleonordox

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  • 1317-39-1

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  • 1317-39-1

Cuprous oxide Basic information
General description Chemical properties Germicide Toxicity Chemical properties Uses Production method Hazards & Safety Information
Product Name: Cuprous oxide
Synonyms: Brown copp;Brown Copper Oxide;browncopperoxide;Caocobre;caswellno.266;cobresandoz;Copox;oleonordox
CAS: 1317-39-1
MF: Cu2O
MW: 143.09
EINECS: 215-270-7
Mol File: 1317-39-1.mol
Cuprous oxide Chemical Properties
Melting point 1232 °C
Boiling point 1800 °C
density 6 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.)
refractive index 2.705
Fp 1800°C
storage temp. Inert atmosphere,Room Temperature
form powder
color red
Specific Gravity 6
Water Solubility practically insoluble
Sensitive Air & Moisture Sensitive
Merck 142,664
Exposure limits ACGIH: TWA 1 mg/m3
NIOSH: IDLH 100 mg/m3; TWA 1 mg/m3
Stability: Stable. May be air or light sensitive.
CAS DataBase Reference 1317-39-1(CAS DataBase Reference)
NIST Chemistry Reference Copper(i) oxide(1317-39-1)
EPA Substance Registry System Cuprous oxide (1317-39-1)
Item Standard
Cu2O total reducing power ≥98.0%
Metallire Copper ≤1.0%
Cuprous Oxide(Cu2O) ≥97.0%
Chloride ≤0.5%
Sulphate ≤0.5%
Water ≤0.5%
Residue on Sieve(500mesh) ≤0.3%



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