Diamminedinitritoplatinum(II) CAS:14286-02-3

CAS: 14286-02-3

MF: H6N4O4Pt

MW: 321.15

EINECS: 238-203-3

Synonyms: diamminebis(nitrito-n)-platinu;diamminebis(nitrito-N)-Platinum;Platinum, diamminebis(nitrito-.kappa.N)-;Diammineplatinum(II) nitrite solution, Pt 1.7% w/w (cont. Pt);Platinum Diammine Dinitrite Aqueous Suspension [P-Salt] as aqueous slurry This system produces bright and adherent deposits of low stress. Platinum P salt is available in the form of aqueous slurry, which is dissolved in a solution of diammonium and disodium hydrogen phosphates to provide the plating bath.;Diammineplatinum(II) nitrite, solution in ammonium hydroxide;Diammineplatinum dinitrite;Dinitrodiammine platinum

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